I'm Bree.

ts, rs, rb, js, py, go

Hello! I'm bree. I usually program in javascript and rust...

I'm helping create and design a programming language called snowflake

Currently snowflake is the idea and concept to apply Category theory, Higher category theory, Set theory, and various "newer" programming concepts in general such as algebraic effects, and various "older" programming concepts such as lambda calculus, self types, and different ideas from proof checkers.

I generally help out with the project by suggesting ideas, and researching various programming languages, and seeing how they do things and how to learn from that.

In the past for a language jam, I implemented the parser and ast format for an earlier prototype of the language.

I will occasionally help out with a project called nertivia

Nertivia is a free open source chat client and server.

I generally help by providing guidance on certain ideas and adding/implementing harder clientside additions such as adding markdown support, and then later a custom markup format.

Currently I'm working on writing a new markup language parser in rust for performance and reusability, as well as a specification for the parser, and a generic entity format that can later be used with bots.

I've made some projects and published them on github

I don't particularly feel that any of my projects are unique enough or notable enough to be listed here in a way I can accept currently.

However, if I had to pick some to display I would likely point out


A javascript library to generate seeded random numbers by using the pcg32 algorithm.

There's nothing particularly special about this project, just that it works as intended.


A command line tool for working with the minecraft api.

I'm not particularly happy with the cleanliness of the code, but it does the job and works how it's intended to.


A javascript "runtime" and library built on top of node to support future facing and non-standard features by using babel and its own transformers such as the proposed bind operator and operator overloading.

This isn't a project anyone should really use, but it was fun to make and the code quality is okayish to me.

I enjoy doodling and making art occasionally
a drawing of a person looking into space with a glitchy telescope a drawing of a red haired person looking off to the side with an otherworldly background a paining of a purple forest a flatly shaded drawing of a shocked purple haired girl an other-worldly background of a field and a large tree a younger looking girl with a missing thumb looking back at the viewer with their hand glowing with magic