I'm Bree.

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Hello! I'm bree. I usually program in javascript and rust...

I've published some projects

I don't particularly feel that any of my projects are unique enough or notable enough to be listed here in a way I can accept currently.

However, if I had to pick some to display I would likely point out.


A small (~611b minified) library to create join uri/url parts together.

I saw urlcat shared around and get some 500 stars in a day or two and was surprised. At the time I thought the implementation of it was a little overcomplicated and could be simplified, while also having it use tagged templates.

After a few hours I had made a prototype of what I thought of as an improvement and published it.

I was pretty happy with the prototype, the code design was much simpler, the tagged templating part of it worked how I wanted, and it was more performant.

I've updated it a few times since, adding documentation, tests, improving performance, and further simplifying how it works.

I often use mouri for my own personal projects and I'm pretty happy with this project.


A javascript library to generate seeded random numbers by using the pcg32 algorithm.

There's not much that makes this project special, it works as intented and I'm pretty happy with that.


A command line tool for working with the minecraft api.

The code isn't as clean as I would like, but it does what I wanted it to do.

In the future I'd like to improve the cli ux and add more features.

and others...

I enjoy doodling and making art occasionally
a drawing of a person looking into space with a glitchy telescope a drawing of a red haired person looking off to the side with an otherworldly background a painting of a purple forest a flatly shaded drawing of a shocked purple haired girl an other-worldly background of a field and a large tree a younger looking girl with a missing thumb looking back at the viewer with their hand glowing with magic